Ice Cream Mochi

Mochi is a Japanese confectionery treat. You can have it by itself or with a filling. The most popular is Anko, a red bean paste, or ice cream. For Christmas, I got a DIY ice cream mochi set from Global …

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Japanese Cheesecake

Back in 2017, I made a Japanese Cheesecake following the directions from the Cooking with Dog YouTube channel. Sadly, it did not come out fluffy or jiggly, and I have no photos of it. It is 2018, and I am …

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Japanese Cheeesecake

Japanese Christmas Cake

Back in Christmas 2016, I decided to bring a dessert to my family’s Christmas Eve dinner. I thought it would be something different and make a Christmas Cake. What is a Christmas Cake, you ask? Christmas Cake is a dessert …

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Top of Japanese Christmas Cake

Coconut Cake

I found this recipe in my Mom’s recipe drawer in the kitchen. This recipe originates from shutterbean, My family was supposed to have it for Easter but did not. So, I decided to make it myself! I decided to make …

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Coconut Cake

Twix Bar

Out of all the candy bars, I would have to say the Twix bar is pretty high on my favorites list. So, when I saw this recipe for an alternative take on the classic candy bar, I just had to …

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Twix Bar
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