Charcoal Ice Cream

Activated Charcoal Ice Cream

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I have an interesting attraction to activated charcoal.  I have used it for teeth whitening, as a face mask, and in food.  A few years ago I saw a video for activated charcoal ice cream, and knew I had to give it a try!

First, let me say that I used a food grade version of activated charcoal.  I did not use the activated charcoal that come in capsules.  I could not find the food grade version at any store, so I had to order it from  You can buy it here:

Overall, this was a pretty easy recipe to follow.  Whip up the heavy cream till still peaks and then fold it into the liquid mixture.  I would like to play around with different flavorings instead of lemon, but I do like the surprise it gives off.  I would omit the lemon zest, because it does not mix well and you would get chunks of it while eating it.

Not only did it have a taste of lemon, but it was also gritty from the activated charcoal.  I personally liked the grit as it made it crunchy, but it did turn away some people.  Appearance wise, it made a lovely dark, but not pitch black color.  Definitely worth a shot if you want to make something unique during the summer!


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