Japanese Christmas Cake

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Back in Christmas 2016 I decided to bring dessert to my families Christmas Eve dinner.  I thought it would be something different and bring a Christmas Cake.  What is a Christmas Cake you ask?  A Christmas Cake is a dessert that is sold during the Christmas season in Japan.  I used the recipe from Cooking with Dog for my cake.

Christmas Cake is a sponge cake that is lightly brushed with a sugar syrup and decorated with strawberries on the top and inside.  I did change the sugar syrup and did not add any of the cherry brandy to it, because I do not like cherries.  They also tend to be tall, but mine was put in a wider pan.  Which made it wider instead of taller.

top view of christmas cakeI have a bit of trouble with sponge cakes, as they shrink on me.  Plus, I suck at cutting a cake in half.  I really should get a cake cutter.  Overall, it was not a huge bomb, and it still looked and tasted great!  Planning on doing a second try of this recipe soon!

slice of Christmas cake

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