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Lemon Cakes

Confession time, I have never seen an episode of Game of Thrones.  Shocking, I know.  However, I had to give these lemon cakes a try!  Originally posted on Nerdy Nummies, these little cakes looked adorable and tasty! Unfortunately, my original batch did not come out nicely... Taste wise, they were okay, appearance wise not so much.  I almost put this recipe on a do not try again list, but then I saw a video by ochikeron that made me want to try again. After seeing ... Continue Reading

Japanese Christmas Cake

Back in Christmas 2016 I decided to bring dessert to my families Christmas Eve dinner.  I thought it would be something different and bring a Christmas Cake.  What is a Christmas Cake you ask?  A Christmas Cake is a dessert that is sold during the Christmas season in Japan.  I used the recipe from Cooking with Dog for my cake. Christmas Cake is a sponge cake that is lightly brushed with a sugar syrup and decorated with strawberries on the top and inside.  I did change the sugar ... Continue Reading

Activated Charcoal Ice Cream

I have an interesting attraction to activated charcoal.  I have used it for teeth whitening, as a face mask, and in food.  A few years ago I saw a video for activated charcoal ice cream, and knew I had to give it a try! First, let me say that I used a food grade version of activated charcoal.  I did not use the activated charcoal that come in capsules.  I could not find the food grade version at any store, so I had to order it from amazon.com.  You can buy it here: https://www.ama... Continue Reading

Coconut Cake

I found this recipe in my Mom's recipe drawer in the kitchen.  This recipe originates from shutterbean, www.shutterbean.com/2012/coconut-cake-with-berries-cream/.  My family was supposed to have it for Easter, but did not.   So, I decided to make it myself! I decided to make mine in a cake tin instead of a pan, because I thought it would be prettier that way.  Plus, I could decorate the side with extra shredded coconut.  That was mostly what I changed about this recipe was the size of ... Continue Reading